History & vision

EMKOMETER Co. is the leading manufacturer of flow meters and level indicators in the Czech Republic. We specialize in developing and manufacturing various level indicators for pressure and non-pressure vessels, pressure equipment, service and consultancy. These devices can also be used in extreme environments with high temperatures, pressures, explosive atmospheres and corrosive substances. We also offer a wide range of flow meters including rotameters, electromagnetic flow meters, spring flow meters, paddle type flow meters, orifice plates, nozzles, and various flow switches. In the past 28 years our company has successfully implemented thousands of measurements worldwide.

Over the last 30 years, we have seen rapid development in field instrumentation. We are excited to be a part of this evolution. State of the art technology is helping our customers to optimize their processes, improve control, maximize safety and sustainibility.

It has been long since we got involved in measurement of flow and level. We are aware of how important these measurements are to our customers. They are often directly affecting overall performance of the processes.Our products are designed using the best available materials and technology. With focus on
detail we always ask how to do it better. Short time profit is not the priority. We are happy to see that some of our products are still in operation after 20+ years and customers are coming back.We are thinking in long term. Regarding products, relationships and company development.

In house R&D, production and sale support provides unique flexibility hardly to be found anywhere else. Our company was established by Mr. Jiří Kroužek in Czech Republic in 1990. It is independent family operated company with worldwide presence and references. Bespoke products and solutions have always been an advantage. Many of them became standard in the course of time and we are pleased to offer wide range of products and services nowadays.

Environmental management

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We are doing our best not to burden the environment with our activities. Compliance with legal obligations is a matter of course. Supplied devices themselves are often used in application where they contribute to better protection of nature and effective use of resources.

Benefits of the experience of our employees, their involvement, knowledge of the issues and managerial skills are in line with the basic focus of the company:

  • Being market-oriented company capable in the fields of its business to compete with the quality its products, the level of respect for the environment and the world’s most demanding markets. In this context, we consider the relationship to living in an environment and an integral part of all business activities.
  • Meet the applicable provisions of all laws, regulations, decrees and other liabilities related to environmental protection and
  • permanently improve the environmental management system,
  • maintain an environmental management system and framework to determine its role, responsibilities and powers so that the responsibility for those areas is an integral part of the overall responsibilities of executives at all levels of management,
  • maintain an open dialogue with employees, authorities, interest groups and the public and provide them with information to understand the policies adopted goals and results of the implementation of programs in the areas of environment,
  • systematically reduce and manage the impacts of activities, products and services on the environment to a level that does not exceed a level corresponding to economically viable applications of best available techniques
  • focus on the prevention of environmental pollution and the prevention of reducing accidents at work, occupational diseases and accidents,
  • reduce energy, water, raw materials and chemicals, and rigorously evaluate their consumption with an emphasis on maximum utilization and reduce waste,
  • use a system of education and training of their employees to increase their awareness and knowledge in the field of environmental protection with emphasis on pollution prevention and risk reduction,
  • collaborate with suppliers and customers in promoting the principles of sustainable development organization with regard to environmental protection, in marketing, focusing on the environmental requirements of customers
  • in the planning and implementation of new technologies to navigate according to the latest state of the art with an emphasis the introduction of products, processes and services, reducing environmental impacts and improving working conditions for employees,
  • include the issue of work-related injuries as a criterion for assessing corporate culture and achieve that every employee felt a responsibility for an accident at work resulting to himself or managed by the workplace.
  • duty of and the responsibility of all of us is to fulfill the requirements of this policy and contribute to the continuous improvement of the environment.

Quality policy

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Our quality policy is based on the ethics code and organization strategy and develops it in the following areas:

In relation to the values ​​and organization development

  • placing emphasis on achieving stability and improving the quality during producing pressure equipments and other facilities by process-oriented quality system in all our processes,
  • creating quality system and its improvement to take place as a continuous process, in order to meet the requirements of the relevant European Directives that apply to equipment manufacturers,
  • placing emphasis on continuous improvement of all management processes, increasing the level of knowledge of our employees use the latest findings in human resources management,
  • increasing the responsibility for creating the conditions for further development our organization,
  • increasing the in-house culture, which determines the obligatory attitude to the quality of all activities undertaken on behalf of customers

In relation to customers

  • at building relationships with customers, we place emphasis on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation,
  • we deliver services and products with subsequent after-sales service of the highest possible quality in relation to price and customer requirements to his full satisfaction,
  • in the first position in the decision-making process we place customer requirements and his specifications
  • we prefer to increase mutual confidence by introducing the management and prioritizing personal conduct,
  • we meet customer requirements with a focus on the most accurate parameter of the orders during the manufacture of pressure equipments and other equipments and get an objective and complete information particularly with regard to their operating characteristics and intended use.

In relation to employees

  • creating good relations with our employees because we recognize that the performance and reputation of the organization are determined by the quality of its employees,
  • the employees feel a sense of belonging to the company,
  • encouraging team spirit,
  • creating a favorable wage policy with regard to the performance of the planned tasks and achieving adequate quality and efficiency of the production and terms,
  • supporting open constructive dialogue,
  • increasing the professional level of knowledge of employees at all levels, including legal and other provisions required proficiency
  • creating conditions for the positive attitude of all staff on issues of quality and environmental protection,
  • minimizing the effects of technology on human health
  • employees feel the responsibility for their own safety and the protection of their own health.

In relation to suppliers

  • building good cooperation with suppliers and collaborate on the development of mutual relations,
  • we emphasize the consumption of subcontracting in the highest possible quality.

In relation to owners

  • placing emphasis on reducing production costs and generate a reasonable profit for our owners.

Pressure equipment

Pressure and non-pressure equipment are designed and manufactured according to our customers´ specifications and requirements. All products are made in compliance with applicable standards and government regulations or according to our customers´ other requirements (e.g. ASME design code).

All production processes are in compliance with 2014/68/EU requirements and manufacturing standards, e. g. EN 13445-3, 13480, 12952 etc. Our company is certified to manufacture pressure equipment under the supervision of a notified body 1015. Commonly used materials are 316L stainless steel,P235GH, 16Mo3, P91 carbon steel but we have a wide range of materials available (e.g. Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, duplex steel).

Other materials or PTFE lining can also be used to ensure chemical resistance.

Explosion proof equipment

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We have a long tradition of manufacturing explosion proof equipment. We are under supervision of Notified Body no. 1026. Most of our devices are available as intrinsically safe (Ex ia) or flameproof (Ex d).