Specific Industrial Measurement, Know-How and Technologies

EMKOMETER is the leading manufacturer of fowmeters and level indicators in the Czech Republic. With a successful history of thousands of measurements realized in the past 30 years all over the world we are ready to provide reliable products for all applications. We also specialize in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art instruments for extreme environmental conditions including high temperature, high pressure, explosive atmospheres and corrosive substances.

EMKOMETER is a manufacturer of pressure vessels, orifces, nozzles and various accessories. Our company offers a wide range of rotameters, electromagnetic flowmeters, paddle fowmeters and various fow switches. These products are widely used in the chemical, mining, oil, paper, food, automotive, maritime, metallurgical and water industries as well as in the power plants and many other fields of industry.

The demand for instrumentation has been increasing throughout the globe. We have a long-time record of applications in both flow/level and pressure/temperature measurement. A typical application requires an instrument resistant to chemicals, designed for use in the explosive environment. As one of the main instrumentation manufacturers we can offer both typical applications and innovative solutions to every customer.

The importance of this field of industry has increased due to the EU Fuel Policy Regulations. Since there is a mandatory ratio of renewable sources in the consumer fuels, the demand for this product is increasing. We are experienced in manufacturing VA flowmeters, EM flowmeters and various level transmitters for this field of industry.

The food and beverage companies require top products that comply with the most stringent  hygienic standards. These instruments feature special process connections (e.g. CLAMP), material specifications  (SS304L) and certification. Corrosion resistance is also crucial in some applications (e.g. batching of acetic acid).

As mining is one of the most demanding industries, there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration. One of them is an explosive atmosphere or dust. There are special procedures that have to be followed for the design and manufacture of instruments. We  also  meet the requirements of  mining equipment manufacturers for custom-made flowmeters. Our cooperation with NoBo regarding explosion-proof design is essential as well.

This is one of the most important industries worldwide. Without oil and gas there would not be enough power to keep our economies running. The crucial part of this industry is instrumentation and control. We  provide our customers with complete solutions in terms of flow/level and temperature/pressure measurement. The applications require explosion-proof instruments as well as high-safety integrity level implementation. These products have been designed on the basis of  applications in the domestic Oil & Gas Industry and  the same principles are applied worldwide. Our  instruments are supplied to the main refineries and producers in Europe and all over the world. We are a proud supplier for MND (https://www.mnd.cz) , Gazprom (http://www.gazprom.com/) , Orlen (https://www.orlen.pl/en/) and many others.

This is quite a demanding field of industry in terms of flow measurement. We have a set of proven instruments and methods of flow/level measurement for the key applications. We are a proud supplier for Mondi (https://www.mondigroup.com/en/home/).

There are only about 2.5 % of fresh water resources on the globe. With the increasing population and industrial water consumption fresh water will become scarce in the future. Waste water treatment and water supply treatment is becoming more important than ever.We have a variety of products serving the needs of this industry.  Ultrasonic level meters, Parshall channels and electromagnetic flowmeters form a basis of instrumentation required. Water is one of the most important commodities and our instruments help to conserve it for the future.

The energy market has been growing for a long time. It is partly given by growing economies as well as ecological tendencies in the automotive industry. We provide solutions for both conventional thermal, nuclear and water power plants as well as for some renewable energy sources.